Hometown PR & New Episodes from UnApologetics

Working 40 hours a week takes a lot out of a guy. Also, what the hell, I had a lot of views a few days ago. Maybe I’ve been neglecting this blog…yeah, I’ve been neglecting this blog.

Earlier this week I sat down with Tim McAllister from the The Lowell Ledger about my novel, In the Land of God. I’ll be honest, it was strange talking about it after months of forgetting that I even wrote the damn thing in the first place. That’s not a coded way of saying that I’ve gone the stereotypical writer route and drank so much that I forgot I wrote a book, I went more of the, “Huh, nobody’s reading this thing,” route and decided to pretend I hadn’t wrote a novel to offset the disappointment. It was refreshing to talk about my novel, and I felt a tiny, tiny hint of pride talking about it again. For those wondering, I grew up in Lowell, Michigan, and the Ledger is the daily paper for the city and the surrounding area. It may not be a feature in the New Yorker (like I’d want that anyway), but it feels great to know that I made at least a small mark in my hometown.

Here’s a snippet of the larger article to come:


Fun fact: Lowell has some unexpected literary connections. Glendon Swarthout and William S. Burroughs I (grandfather to William S. Burroughs the Beat writer) attended Lowell High School (same as myself), so I guess I’m in decent company. I have considered writing a short story collection about my time growing up in Lowell, so maybe it’s time I get cracking on that…when I find the time between the factory grind and running UnApologetics.

Speaking of UnApologetics!

New episodes can be found below:




First Three Episodes of UnApologetics

Hey everyone, so like I said in my last post I’m now involved with a podcast & blog called UnApologetics. To help (potentially) expand the audience, I’m posting the first three (and only three, for right now) episodes of the podcast.

Whenever a new episode comes out, I’ll make sure to upload it here too.