About Me, My Books, & Portfolio

My name is Adam Jones.

I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in April 2017. I worked for the GVSU Veterans’ History Project as an outline writer and interviewer for three years (February 2014 – May 2017), and co-wrote a book with Dr. James Smither about the experiences of World War II veterans from West Michigan.

As far as journalistic pursuits, I believe I am strongest when it comes to writing, however I do have experience with shooting and conducting video interviews.

The fields that I am interested in are writing/reading as well as culture in general, but I also would like to get involved with local political journalism since I feel that local politics have the greatest effect on people’s everyday lives and good local political reporting can help prevent local corruption or politicians working against the interests of the people.

Arts & Entertainment Portfolio:

Bipolar America: The Polarization of American Culture

Is Nintendo Switching Things Up?

Bob Dylan Wins the Nobel Prize: Insanity Ensues

ArtPrize 2016: Art Fest in the Fiefdom

Living Room Chat with Local Musician, Dean Chittenden

Ying Quartet Kicks Off Fall Arts Celebration 2016

Suicide Squad – Rushed and Overly Cautious

Politics & Culture Portfolio:

The night before the end of the world; Clinton comes to campus; Gunfire or fireworks?

Trump Jr. speaks at Grand Valley; Chicago Cubs win the 2016 World Series; Any manner of insanity is possible now

Protest Vote or Temper Tantrum?


In the Land of God is available on Amazon as an
eBook for $0.99, or as a paperback for $12.00

Abraham and Sarah moved to the town of New Canaan, Illinois, to start a new life and raise their twin sons, Isaac and Ishmael. The worst wars are fought between brothers, and soon they have to make a choice: peace or self destruction. Set during the early 20th century with World War I and the Great Depression as backdrops, this multi-generational family saga explores the all-consuming, destructive nature of conflict, and the ultimate consequences of it.

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