Hey everyone, Adam here. I know it’s been quiet in this neck of the cyber woods, and I apologize to my small but loyal group of followers. I’ve gotten a new job, and it dominates a lot of my time. When I’m not working, I’m trying to do that one thing, what’s it called…what’s it called, oh right, a personal life. The rest of the time is throwing a couple hours at UnApologetics (that’s the SoundCloud, here’s the website) and struggling to get shit done for Borderless. In short – I’m busy.

I’m not abandoning this blog though, no sir/ma’am. This is my Corregidor! Well, maybe that’s a terrible analogy considering what happened. Alamo? Nope. Never mind.

On top of posting partial articles I wrote for Borderless I will also dump public episodes from UnApologetics here. I’ll also still write articles that don’t really fit for UnApologetics or Borderless (read: semi-coherent rambling). Also, any fiction I write will also show up here as well as on the UnApologetics site (well, maybe not there). Well, when I get the time to write some fiction. I suppose I have the time, I’m just being a lazy writer. Ah well.

Maybe I’ll throw up an article about The Handmaid’s Tale tonight since I’m watching it again with Shanice. It could happen! Stay tuned!



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