UnApologetics & Borderless Media Collective

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I am pleased to announce my work with Borderless Media Collective and UnApologetics.

Borderless Media Collective is a magazine/website/podcast out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, that focuses on global issues at the local level. I am a contributing writer and will be writing articles for the website and the magazine. Once the website is up and running I will make sure to do a follow up post to let you know where to find them. If you’re a fan of National Geographic, Jacobin, or The Baffler then I’m willing to bet you’ll enjoy Borderless.

On the flip side, I have started a podcast and blog called UnApologetics with a few other like-minded guys. We are also Grand Rapids-based, but focus less on local journalism. Our episodes and articles cover pop culture, history, social issues and (sometimes) politics with a dirtbag left slant. Basically, it’s irreverence to hide the crushing existential horror and frustration. We will host local art (this means music, graphic art, fiction and poetry), but won’t push away independent artists from outside the area (well, except for fan fiction unless it involves Reagan, Trump and Pat Robertson).

You can find Borderless on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on their website. If you want mature, earnest reporting then you should check them out.

You can find UnApologetics on SoundCloud, our website, Facebook (and YouTube soon). If you want immature, but honest and earnest opinions then you should check it out.

Basically, this is a call to action. Corporate media is an embarrassment and the conventional local press is waging a noble, but depressingly futile battle against the degradation of journalism. Borderless and UnApologetics serve as bulwarks against the corruption and erosion, and I’m excited to be part of both projects.

A luta continua!




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