Writing Update 3: Delays! (Kind of) and Other News

In my last writing update I told you all that I have fallen a little behind on the editing. I’m still making progress, but it’s not as much as I would have liked. I’m still in the throes of editing, and it could be worse. I know that by Halloween I will be done and hopefully on to the final draft.


That brings me to the “delay” that is mentioned in the title. Remember how I originally said I would release in mid-November? Yeah…the full release probably won’t happen by then. Instead I will shoot for a soft launch in November in the form of a digital release. Basically getting the book onto Amazon (most likely KDP Select) and working on getting the hard copy out sometime in January. That seems doable, and it will give me time to build a war chest to deal with the physical release of the book. Now here’s where things get a little wonky. I plan on digitally releasing the book in mid-November and making it available as a print-on-demand (POD) for those that want a physical copy instead of an eBook. “So why not release the book physically and digitally on the same day?” you might ask. The problem with that goes back to the war chest. I can’t really afford to buy 100 physical copies then sell them around me, so the plan is to start a Kickstarter and also use some proceeds from digital sales to drive the physical launch.

In other news, I have also started to form a plan for networking and promotion.

Advertising at local bookstores and coffee shops, selling hard copies at local bookstores, networking with people that could get the word out. Mostly “real world” promotion and distribution and not as much focus on the internet presence, which is kind of a problem.

Right now my only digital plan is to promote here, and also set up a Facebook page for news and promotion concerning the book. Unfortunately that’s pretty insular. I want to be able to network with other bloggers, independent authors, and critics that review independent novels. If anyone knows of anyone worth reaching out to I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter (@ahahnjones).


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