Writing Update 2: The Editing Slog

October 1st has come and gone. Here I am on the 4th, and I’m not even close to being done with the editing/rewriting.

Ah well. Be like the boats beating against the current, as Mr. Fitzgerald would say.

I have covered between 40 and 50 pages worth of rough (and it’s very rough) material, so progress is progress. I have accomplished one important thing, and that is reworking the introduction to flow a little better and be more grounded. My pride won’t allow me to say the original writing is bad, but…it definitely needed improvement.

Once I print off the next 200 pages (thank you free printing on campus), the editing process should go smoother. Tightening up sentences, making the dialogue more alive, and adding description where it’s needed; those sorts of things.

I am finding the editing process to be easier than the preliminary writing process. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, because maybe I’m overlooking glaring errors, or maybe I’m being sloppy. The solace I take there is this is not the final draft. I look at it this way: the rough draft is clearing the land, setting the foundation, and maybe getting up the frame. There’s no way you could live in there. The revised draft has the walls up, the carpet down, and windows. You could live there, but would you really want to? The final draft has the electricity, heating, appliances, and furniture. Now you can live here. It could always use improvement, but at this point it’s presentable.

By the end of this editing process I’ll have the bare necessities to call it a house (using my own analogy), and I know I won’t want to live in it. By the end of October, though? Hopefully it’ll be ready for move-in.

More information to come!




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