First blog post

Well…here we are. I suppose that’s a bit too defeatist and somber to start my very first blog post. I’m sure I should be bouncing off the walls, over-eager to please, charming, and ready to rake in those sweet, sweet subscriptions. How about, “Hey everyone! My name is Adam and I’m just so, so, so excited to be starting this blog!” Nah…that just feels wrong. I must admit to you, Dear Reader, I will be none of those aforementioned things, at least not in any purposeful or ham fisted way. No, I would rather be as sincere as possible without any unnecessary frills and try to get right to the Heart of the Matter. That’s not to say I’ll just be angry and boring, because who wants to read material like that? I just won’t act like a high school girl that drinks way too much coffee and tries way too hard to be “quirky,” because I am not. Clearly.

But I’m sure you’re wondering what the Heart of the Matter is going to be with this blog anyway? I’m wondering the same thing, so maybe you can help me by giving suggestions and feedback. Of course I have a blueprint, a general “road map” (if you will) about where this thing is going, but at this point all I can say is we’ll get there together (which sounds as disgustingly contrived as using the road map analogy to describe a general plan. I’m kicking myself for typing it).

Now for the not so vague and sentimental approach. First and foremost I’d like for this to be a way to keep in touch with anyone who is interested in my writing and as a place to talk and vent about it; both from me and from you. What would you like to see more of? Less of? What would you refuse to read and what would you read as soon as it became available? Those sorts of things. Of course, I can’t say that every blessed suggestion will get factored in, and really, how could I do such a thing? It’s a book after all, not a group project, and besides, if someone says, “Adam, do X!” when another person says “Adam, you really ought to do Y!” that puts me in a helluva spot and you know what they say, when you try to please everyone you wind up pleasing no one.

Aside from my own writing I’ll discuss writing tips and tricks (because what is a writer’s blog without those obligatory articles?), literature, other writers and my take on those two subjects. But you might be reading this and thinking, “But I don’t care about writing, or books, or writers, or any of that stuff!” Now, for those of you that think that way allow me just a moment to collect myself and stop from reaching through the screen, time, and digital space to slap you in the back of your head…you uncultured swine. I will write about other topics if there’s nothing else to write about. History (and alternate history, or more specifically debunking alternate history), politics, films (both good and bad), music, video games, and culture at large.

As far as a publishing cycle goes I’ll try to get in a new article every other day, but I have to be honest, it may be a higher frequency some weeks (if I just really have a lot to talk about and feel like sharing it) and other weeks it might be a lower frequency (because I might be busy, or just don’t have a lot to say). I’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop though and let you know when new content is coming.

At this current junction there’s not too much else to say. You know what I’m going to write about, and hopefully by this brief introduction you have at least a halfway decent idea of what to expect from this blog. Honest and blunt are hopefully the qualities that spring to mind. Interesting too, I hope you find it interesting too. Or maybe you’ll find it an amateurish, Hunter S. Thompson-ripoff, with a penchant for trying to be too edgy. That’s also a possibility. Either way, I hope you stick around for a bit and we can both see how things pan out.


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